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Saiyaan Mp3 Download Shuja Haider Coke Studio Season 12 Song 2019

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Saiyaan Song Details:

Song Name: Saiyaan Mp3 Song
Singer: Shuja Haider
Release Date: 2019
Music: Traditional
Music Label: Coke Studio
Album Name: Coke Studio Season 12 Mp3 Songs

Saiyaan Mp3 Download

Saiyaan Mp3 Download Here

Saiyaan Lyrics Here

Saiyaan Chhod Ke Jaoge Jo Baiyan Meri
, Beloved, if you let go of my hand and desert me.
Naiya Doob Jayegi, Tu Hi Naiya Meri,
My boat will flounder,
you are my only anchor.

Nazrein Hain Zamaane Ki Badi Buri,
The world is very unfeeling and judgmental.
O Saiyan Chhod Ke Jaaoge Jo Baiyaan Meri,
Oh beloved, if you let go of my hand and desert me.
[Instrumental Music] Allah Jane Mainu Keeh Pata, God knows,
I have no idea, Khaure Kehdi Ho Gayi Ae Khata,
What error I am supposed to have committed.
Lakh Vaar Manavaan,

I try to cajole my beloved countless times Sohna Yaar Bulavaan,
I plead with him to come back to me. Kyon Chup Ae Banere Utte Kaa’,
So, why is the crow on my roof-ledge silent?
Why doesn’t it announce an arrival?
Main Thaan Mar, I die instantly,
Main Thaan Mar, I die instantly,
Asaan Naiyo Shadni Ae Raah,

I won’t be diverted from this path.
Sachiyan Mohabbatan Karaan,
My love for you is true.
O Mere Piche Ae Zamana,
The whole world has turned against me,
Asaan Tere Piche Aana But I won’t stop pursuing you.
Kyon Rab Ne Banayi Yariyan,
Oh, why has God created these bonds of love!
Main Thaan Mar Jani Aan Ve,

Oh, I just die instantly. Main Thaan Mar Jani Aan (X2),
I just die instantly. Navaan Joda Paake Jadon Samne Main Awangi,
Putting on my new dress,
when I will appear before you,
Sharmaake Akkhiyan ‘ch Akhiyan Main Pawangi,
Shyly, I’ll let my eyes meet yours.

Coke Studio Season 12 | Saiyaan |  | Shuja Haider & Rachel Viccaji

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